TVCS Special 2 featuring Hidetsugu Ito's activity before Cookie Scene

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1曲めは、80年代なかばに書いて、仮題のまま放置してたもの。曲調がちょっと80年代っぽすぎると思ったので、タイトルをピンク・フロイドへのオマージュにしつつ『Rubber Soul』期のビートルズっぽいハミング・コーラスをスタジオ即興で入れてみた。


これらは、エドウィン・コリンズとザ・ポウジーズとレッド・クロスが参加してくれることになっていたオムニバス『Ask The Sky』収録曲。でもって録音時点、後者を書いた時点で、タイトルは決まっていました。R.E.M.〝Fall On Me〟の一節からとったフレーズです。アルバム・アートワークは「酸性雨をもたらすレーガン政権へのプロテスト」と評されたその曲の、ミュージック・ヴィデオへのオマージュ。そして、そのヴィデオ、酸性雨どころか核戦争後の風景みたいだとずっと思ってました。だから、この2曲め〝Terminal Greenfield〟の歌詞は、核戦争を奇跡的に生きのびたカップルを想定したものになってます。



Summer '86

When the night, it's coming around

Your eyes cannot see the shade

Though I know you're deadly afraid

Will you stay or get out?

Around the corner I just picked you up

Destination's never told

I don't remember why I stopped my car

And what's the way we've been driven through

* You could find me on the lonely street

  Far away from home

  Now you never know even how I feel

  Though you sit there by my side

You said lights are coming down

That shining on us everyone

But when I look around all the ground

All I see is darkened land

I could drive you to any place

Where you always long to go

But there we forget everything

That we have done before

* (Chorus)

written in 1986

Terminal Greenfield

I've never dreamed of these things

Bright fields with strange distant shade of means

How I was deceived by that

What I had was broken down into pieces

Blue sky and horizon that hold us here

From past till the end of the time

I see the glass steeple so high

Far away, we don't need it anyway

Oh, it is the vision of desperate souls

Like the ancient wall in the land of the fools

* You said, I don't have to go

  Back to anyplace where

  The rain never stops

  And I swear

  I'll never leave you alone

  In this terminal greenfield

I saw a bird in the grass

Fly away into the wide open sky

I always dance to the song

It was sung in many different keys

Blue sky and horizon that hold us here

From past till the end of the time

* (Chorus)

written in 1993

words & music by Hidetsugu Ito

copy rights controlled by Hidetsugu Ito and EMI Music